Logo Design

Stand out from the rest with a memorable logo that builds trust and communicates your values.

Without a doubt, one of the largest influences on your brand is your logo. Good or bad, your logo represents your business and its values. Make sure your logo sends the right message.

Developing your logo involves much more than an icon, some text, and a little color. It is a combination of appeal and expression that should define your logo. A great logo is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate for your target audience.

Our Design Process

We create logos using an 6 step process that ensures your logo will be one of the most valuable aspects of your business.

Step 1: Design Brief

The purpose of the design brief is to collect information regarding your brand and your company's values so that we can create a logo that will express the ideas that your business values. We discuss what look you may have in mind, who your competitors are, who you are looking to appeal to, and more in order to come away with all the information necessary to build the logo as an extension of your brand.

Step 2: Research

After we collect and analyze information on your business, we research information about your industry, its history, as well as research on your competitors. This allows us to develop a logo that doesn't just fit in with your industry, but positively stands out from the rest.

Step 3: Reference

We take all of this information to build a description of all the ideas, concepts, visuals, and styles that your logo should have. Everything we do with your logo from this point on will be developed around these ideas. This step provides us with the core of your logo.

Step 4: Sketching & Concepts

Using all of the information above, we begin to sketch out ideas on paper, choose fonts, colors, and other design aspects that are important to your logo design. Many drafts are created and analyzed, and only our best move on to step 5.

Step 5: Reflection

This part of the process allows us to see your logo in a different light. We first ensure that each draft positively reflects your core values. We also collect feedback from outside individuals and our large resource of designers.

Step 6: Presentation

After selecting only the best logo drafts, we present each logo to you. You will be able to see the logo in different colors, different backgrounds, different sizes, different positions, and on other material concepts (letterhead, t-shirts, etc.) so that you will be able to see the flexibility of your logo. After receiving your feedback, we are able to modify the designs until you are happy with the final product.